Touch Sensitive Delta Kitchen Faucets - Troublemakers or Faithful Servants?

Published: 22nd March 2012
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Some Delta kitchen faucet models are available with Touch2O technology, which means that they can be toggled on and off with a gentle tap on the faucet handle or body. This technology has been developed to make the work with the faucet more enjoyable. The operation made so simple, frees our hands for other tasks.

We use the handle to preset the temperature and pressure. Then we turn the faucet on touching its body or handle with virtually any part of our skin.

But can the touch technology be trusted? Will it be some meaningful help or just trouble that comes to our house together with the sophisticated and quite expensive faucet?

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether there is some safety system that turns the faucet off in case of activation by accident. Even though such accidental activations are extremely rare with Delta kitchen faucets, they cannot be completely excluded as impossible. Pets or small children can turn it on and leave running. In cases when the faucet is installed on a metal sink and no proper insulation secured, it may even turn on when somebody touches the sink.

When this happens, the faucet will be turned off after 4 minutes of idle run. The loss may not be that big if it happens once or twice a year. Only if there are too many prerequisites for this to happen, like small children running in and out or pets swarming all over the kitchen, then the regular non-touch model might give you a little more peace of mind.

Another important concern is about the safety of having electricity together with water. In Delta kitchen faucets, there is absolutely no ground for fear. Let's begin with saying that the electricity we speak about is only of six or nine volts depending on the faucet model. But everything below 24 volts is considered safe even by the strictest electricity standards.

The systems that use electricity are fully separated from the water. All the way through the faucet, water runs inside PEX pipes. PEX is the abbreviation for cross-linked polyethylene which is a material that does not conduct electricity. That is why the electric current has no chance at all to interfere in any way with the water.

Four or six AA size batteries of 1.5 volts joined in a pack make the power source. This pack needs to be placed anywhere under the counter. It is though recommended to put it as close as possible to the floor. The best option is to lay the pack down on the floor and have 2 inches of clear space around it, except the floor itself.

But what are we to expect when the batteries get low? Who can be safe from forgetting to change the batteries in the due time? Is the faucet out of function then? The good news is that not at all. It can still be used as the regular non-touch model and controlled with the handle. But let's not think of this as of a permanent situation. The batteries last for more than half a year and are easily replaceable.

When it comes to the quality, what better proof can we imagine than the longevity of the company? Delta Faucets have been a leading faucet manufacturer for more than five decades. Its products have continually been in high demand. Delta kitchen faucets are the most sought for kitchen faucets on the Internet. Every retailer will have them at the top of their bestsellers list.

Another significant proof is customer feedback. If you browse through the comments given by users on the websites where Delta faucets are sold, you will see that the vast majority of them are positive. But this one that I found on the Amazon site, even amused me a lot:

"I love this thing. It is one of the most useful additions to my remodeled kitchen. It functions well, and I cannot say enough about the touch feature. The only annoyance is that I find myself tapping faucets other places and wondering why the water is not coming out."

Imagine a woman standing there and tapping the faucet only because she has come into the habit of doing so at home! But wait, as the touch technology is getting more and more popular, there will be less and less faucets around that won't respond.

Is the system completely trouble-free? Of course, not. As with any other technological solution, there can be problems and defects. But it works for the most. And if it does not, there is the lifetime warranty.

The following models of pull-down Delta kitchen faucets are available with Touch2O technology: Ashton, Addison, Pilar and Trinsic.

The following models of Delta kitchen faucets with side-spray are available with Touch2O technology: Pilar.

Kitchen chores get easier and more enjoyable. But there is more to Delta kitchen faucets. For some models, a touch sensitive version is available.

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